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Casinos in Oklahoma

 Our current list of casinos in Oklahoma.

 Interesting facts about Oklahoma: Did you know that playing poker for money with your buddies in Oklahoma could get you thrown in jail for up to 10 years? Also, according to Oklahoma Association for Gambling Addiction Awareness, lying is also a form of gambling.

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 Below are the casinos we have for the state. To get directions to any casino from anywhere, we recommend you visit MapQuest and enter the address.


Casinos in Oklahoma (OK)
Gold River Casino
Address: Highway 281
City: Anadarko
Phone: (405) 247-6979
Player Reviews: 2
From Jeorge: Prior to Sept.2010, this place was a nice place to par-take of the gambling experience. New management took over and that was the end of that. Even though all of the remodeling looks wonderful, the payback percentage went out the door with the old look. I wouldn't recommend that anyone gamble here. If you want to make a donation, that is your right. I'm sure the casino would like to have your money also. The local crowd which did once visit regularly has given it a new Nick-Name. NO WIN CASINO of OKLAHOMA.
From Debra: Gold River is the friendliest casino I have been in. The CSR's and the Cage/Vault employees always have a smile on their face, and always have something positive to say. I go several times a week just to be around friendly people.
Gold Mountain Casino
Address: 1410 Sam Noble Parkway
City: Admore
Phone: (580) 223-3301
Player Reviews: 0
Duck Creek Casino
Address: 10085 Ferguson Road
City: Beggs
Phone: (918) 267-3468
Player Reviews: 1
From Marty: This is a nice little casino with about 150 slots. No cards. Staff is very friendly and a good snack bar open thru the day only.
Route 66 Casino
Address: 14500 Central Avenue
City: Albuquerque
Phone: (505) 352-7866
Player Reviews: 0
Bristow Indian Casino
Address: 121 West Lincoln
City: Bristow
Phone: (918) 367-9168
Player Reviews: 0
Choctaw Casino
Address: 1790 South Park Drive
City: Broken Bow
Phone: (580) 584-5450
Player Reviews: 0
Lucky Star Casino
Address: 101 North Indian Hospital Road
City: Clinton
Phone: (580) 323-6599
Player Reviews: 3
From LA: "I will not go back to this casino, I have been there many, many, times and only a few people win, and its always the same ones every time, and I have seen the people that work there go to the rest room and talk to these people or just right there in front of you and tell them what machine to play and of course that person win but no one else can ever.. and I've had enough of it. other people should be able to win to. and since the new part of the casino opened there is not but two or three loose machine in the 200 machine in the place. and you have to know what two or three they are or you will be like most of us that just can not win there ever. they should have left the old casino the way it was, it was much better and a lot looser machines. but now they have to have more money to run the bigger place and they are losing all the player now.... or just stop having drawing once a month and loosen the machine... oh what a good idea, then more people could win, but I sure they will not do that, so I going to a better casino or just stay home."

From BBM: This casino has poor poor payout percentages. Be very careful - just as some of the other casinos - they will pay out on $5-15 per spin machines. Built new area - even tighter. I would stay away from this casino if I were you.

From Joseph: Went there on 9/16/2011 tons of the slots were out of order. And no one was working on them .They are not paying either but if you want a free water bottle or cup of coffee by all means this is your place. Other wise do not waste your time.

Lucky Star Casino
Address: 7777 North Highway 81
City: Concho
Phone: (405) 262-7612
Player Reviews: 3
From Shelley: I have been to Lucky Star approx. 10 times. Twice, I came home empty handed. The other 8 times I had at least $1,000.00 in my purse! I am going back again tonight!

From Linda: I used to go to Lucky Star in Concho and win or break even occasionally. Not any more! Since they built the new addition and they are giving away 10 dollars on lady's day, men's day, etc., it's impossible to win. All I do is lose, lose, lose! It's worse than "neverwin" Riverwind. Needless to say, I done going. I wouldn't recommend that Lucky Star to anyone.

From MM: I go to this casino two or three times a month and have won as much as $4500 in one night but average a breakeven over the course of one year. My last six visits in Sep - Oct 2011 I have noticed the slots are very tight and most of my losses for the year occurred during this period. I have also noticed more mistakes by the dealers in the house favor on the table games; but compared to other casinos I have played in they are minor. Unlike some of the other casinos I do not think these mistakes are by design to improve the odds of the house.

Comanche Red River Casino
Address: Highway 36 and Highway 70
City: Devol
Phone: (580) 299-3378
Player Reviews: 0
Chisholm Trail Casino
Address: 7807 North Highway 81
City: Duncan
Phone: (580) 255-1668
Player Reviews: 0
Cash Corral Casino
Address: 4216 Highway 96/75
City: Durant
Phone: (800) 788-2464
Player Reviews: 0
Creek Nation Casino
Address: 806 West Forest Avenue
City: Eufaula
Phone: (918) 689-9191
Player Reviews: 1
From Kaye: Use to love this casino, until they removed over 30 quarter machines. We were very surprised on our visit last week when all of our favorite games were no longer there! Our group of friends will be searching for a new casino!
Cherokee Casino
Address: 103 North Georgetown Road
City: Fort Gibson
Phone: (918) 207-3555
Player Reviews: 1
From Roy: From the outside it looks nice. The inside is also nice. If you like playing slot machines that use paper to pay out and not coins then this is for you. This place lacks the feel of Las Vegas gaming. They don't use a real roulette wheel. There are no free drinks when gambling and not enough places to eat. The so called smoke free room is full of smoke. I am real surprised they don't charge to get in. Parking and getting in and out is a mess. Save your money until the casinos in Oklahoma grow up.
Choctaw Casino
Address: Highway 271 South
City: Grant
Phone: (580) 326-8398
Player Reviews: 1
From Ron: This is a loss. If you go to this casino you will loose. The casino relies on the buses of gamblers from the Dallas area and does not care if they ever come back. There will be another bus load right behind them. Local business is not needed for the casino to make money so the machines are set way too tight. No comps, rooms or meals.I wish the state of Texas would pass a bill to allow gambling and put them out of business.
Grand Lake Casino
Address: 24701 South 655th Road
City: Grove
Phone: (918) 786-8528
Player Reviews: 0
Choctaw Casino
Address: 1425 Southeast Washington
City: Idabel
Phone: (580) 286-5710
Player Reviews: 1
From Bobby: It is a waste of time and money. They have a large selection of machines of any denomination you choose but they are so tight is is almost criminal I have put many a 100.00 bill in a dollar machine and not win one cent and have played all denominations of machines, I once commented to one of the numerous black suits that the machines were so tight it was not any fun any more and I was told well you don't have to play well guess what I won't.
Comanche Nation Casino
Address: 402 Southeast Interstate Drive
City: Lawton
Phone: (580) 354-2000
Player Reviews: 0
Fort Sill Apache Casino
Address: 2315 East Gore Boulevard
City: Lawton
Phone: (580) 248-5905
Player Reviews: 0
Baby Grand Casino
Address: 4901 South Highway Drive
City: McLoud
Phone: (405) 964-7263
Player Reviews: 0
Kickapoo Casino
Address: 25230 East Highway 62
City: McLoud
Phone: (405) 964-7056
Player Reviews: 1
From Duane: Kickapoo used to have slot machines at their gas station, they took all of them out. They built a new casino and I have spent a lot of money and haven't one not one dime since then. When it was the old one people use to win and slots were always open. Not the greatest in foods but good when your hungry and have spent most of your money. Promotions really suck they always benefit themselves. People if you don't want to give your money to them without rewards then you better find another casino like I did. Nobody wants to go to Kickapoo casino no more. They come around and move you off of a seat that your machine starts to pay telling you there's an error on that machine well that's how they do it at Kickapoo casino.
Buffalo Run Casino
Address: 1000 Buffalo Run Boulevard
City: Miami
Phone: (918) 542-7140
Player Reviews: 1
From Darrell: Nice place, friendly staff, slots pay out better than any other casino in NE Oklahoma by Far! Food was great also, if your in NE Oklahoma must stop inn to see it yourself.
High Winds Casino
Address: 61475 East 100 Road
City: Miami
Phone: (918) 541-9463
Player Reviews: 1
From Jennie: Fairly new casino to the area. Nice and clean with lots of fun slots and blackjack tables. The restaurant is very expensive to eat in, food is only OK, and they don't serve sandwiches or breakfast meals. They do have wheel chairs for people needing to get around the casino. Most of the employees are friendly, but those greeting you at the door as you enter are not. I like to be told welcome, glad to see you and thanks for coming when I leave.
Joe's Outback Casino
Address: 1000 Buffalo Run Boulevard
City: Miami
Phone: (918) 542-7140
Player Reviews: 0
Quapaw Casino
Address: 58100 East 66th Road
City: Miami
Phone: (918) 540-9100
Player Reviews: 0
The Stables Casino
Address: 530 H Street Southeast
City: Miami
Phone: (918) 542-7884
Player Reviews: 0
Native Lights Casino
Address: 12375 North Highway 77
City: Newkirk
Phone: (580) 448-3100
Player Reviews: 1
From AC: I like the machines in Native Lights Casino, but on the weekends when I am able to go it is very crowded and hard to get to the machines I want to play and the cash out process could be expedited somehow, the lines are too long most of the time. The machines were nice and loose at first, but now it seems only the $1-$5 machines are paying out. Not all of us have that kind of money to play with.
Southwind Casino
Address: 5640 North LaCann Drive
City: Newkirk
Phone: (580) 362-2578
Player Reviews: 1
From AC: I like the availability of machines and the layout of the casino. It's nice to have separate rooms with different types of machines. I see a lot of people winning, but haven't found many loose machines and overall only break even or lose money there.
Riverwind Casino
Address: 1544 West State Highway 9
City: Norman
Phone: (405) 322-6000
Player Reviews: 5
From Sada: Neverwin is a perfect name for this place. It is just a big black hole. Like others said when they first opened you could win some money but the last 2 years have been awful. I rarely go anymore.

From Denise: I have been going to Riverwind since it first opened. Although it is a nice Casino, I don't win there anymore. Many machines don't pay anything and when one does pay, it is not a lot and will suddenly stop paying and go downhill FAST. When they first opened the machines were fun and I won frequently, but now I just get upset about the chintzy and yes, meaness with the way the machines play now. I'm going to give up playing altogether if things don't improve.

From Will: Don't bother going to Riverwind or Neverwin as most people call it. You will lose, that simple people. The slots are ridiculously tight beyond anything you could imagine. You can, and I have, sat and spun the reels straight through $50 and not won a single penny... They are greedy beyond belief and don't appreciate the patronage of return customers.

From Jack: This is one of the more popular casinos that is owned by the Chickasaw Nation (the other being Winstar). Its quite evident that just by the mere geographical location of this casino (at the crossroads of Interstate 35 and Highway 9), it was strategically destined to be a money-maker for the tribe. The casino is probably the closes in proximity to the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, being approx 17 miles south of it, and less than 1 mile south of Norman. The casino has garnered a favored reputation amongst its visitors, and a wide array of gaming tables and slots can be found. Unlike most other smaller Indian casinos, the Riverwind provides a close "Vegas-style" feel to it. However, the casino does lack in its restaurant choices. Other than the Willows Buffet and a Mexican grill, the other choices are left to Burger King, Cinnamonster, Taco Bueno, and a small pizza joint. The live entertainment venues are top-notch performers that were top 40 chart producers from about 10 yrs ago and later. The casino doesn't currently feature any lodging accommodations-but it is forthcoming in autumn 2008, with an adjacent hotel just now breaking ground on the southside of the casino. This casino has a friendly staff, the atmosphere is lively, and facilities are clean and well-kept. 5 out of 5 stars.

From Adam: This casino has the weakest payouts of any casino in our state. Their VGT Games are set for low payouts. The printer in their machines are worn out so you spend more time cashing out misprinted tickets than you do playing their games. The payout used to be great in this casino but for the last two years they have become pathetic. Locals call it Never Win Casino. Not worth playing in this casino.

Thunderbird Casino
Address: 15700 East State Highway 9
City: Norman
Phone: (405) 360-9270
Player Reviews: 1
From Sada: Talk about a dirty nasty place -- this is it. It is old and smells and trust me nobody ever wins here. If you must go someplace then go to Riverwind(neverwin) you won't win any money but they do keep the place up and it isn't dirty.
Creek Nation Casino
Address: 110 South Woodguthrie
City: Okemah
Phone: (918) 623-0051
Player Reviews: 0
The Golden Pony Casino
Address: Interstate 40, Exit 227
City: Okemah
Phone: (918) 623-0072
Player Reviews: 0
Cimarron Casino
Address: 821 West Freeman Avenue
City: Perkins
Phone: (405) 547-5352
Player Reviews: 1
From Ronald: The machines are always tight, and seems like to me it is impossible to win a jackpot there. The workers seem like they are always walking around to see who is winning, like they know what machine is going to hit. Also it makes me feel uncomfortable when someone is standing over me while I am playing.
Blue Star Gaming and Casino
Address: 20 White Eagle Drive
City: Ponca City
Phone: (580) 765-9956
Player Reviews: 0
7 Clans Paradise Casino
Address: 7500 Highway 177
City: Red Rock
Phone: (580) 723-4005
Player Reviews: 0
Cherokee Casino
Address: 205 Cherokee Boulevard
City: Roland
Phone: (918) 427-7491
Player Reviews: 1
From Larry: This Casino used to be a lot of fun to go to. In the past year it has made a nose dive downhill. The slots are so tight they, they squeak win they spin. The machines are in a taking mode so that you can not even play a while before your money is history. Losing $1000 in an hour is very common. The staff has also developed a bad attitude. Used to be friendly and fun. Now they are like a bunch of stiff people that have no respect or concern of the people patronizing their establishment. Very odd that certain people win there on a continuous basis.
Cherokee Casino
Address: 1621 West Ruth Street
City: Sallisaw
Phone: (918) 776-1600
Player Reviews: 0
Mystic Winds Casino
Address: 12052 Highway 99
City: Seminole
Phone: (405) 382-3218
Player Reviews: 1
From Lee: Same as all in this part of Seminole county, workers stand or are near the ones that win ,same people win ,they act like people r stupid and don't see what's going on, stay out of Seminole county casinos.
FireLake Casino
Address: 41207 Hardesty Road
City: Shawnee
Phone: (405) 878-4862
Player Reviews: 3
From Mike: New and clean casino. Good mixture of video and reel slots. However, like all OK casino's, jackpots are extremely rare (like I've never seen one). Payout patterns are VERY far apart with only minimal hits when they do happen.. My best strategy has been to start at 9 lines and 1 cent per line and start working higher when you find a slot that is paying. My profits have only come when betting at least $2 per spin. Never put more than $20 in any machine. When that's gone, go to another machine. When you make a big hit, spin it a few more time, then cash out and go to another machine. Put winning tickets in your pocket and NEVER play them. Cash them in when ready to leave.
From Frank: When Grand Firelake first opened they were paying and had a good promotion days, but now they are stingy by not opening the slot machines they are really too tight for the people to play at Firelake. They need to open the slots up and let people win after all its our money we support them dearly they build skating rings and other construction places on our money. But we do with out because of them getting greedy we don't care about all them events and grand prizes, we just want to win. I'm sick of Grand Firelake they are just like the rest of the casino's in our state. They give you hot seat drawings and other promotion just to get you too play and spend your money then they just lock up their machines and they usually get their money back. I'm going else where if they continue their greedy habits.

From Duane: This used to be the one casino in the entire central part of the state I would recommend. No more however. They had a change of management some 18 months ago and the payouts went from pretty good, you could play all night on a 20 if you went cheap, to now just pathetic. That is especially true May through July and Oct through Jan when the machines all seem to develop a case of lockjaw. It is the nicest casino around and I will still suggest the sports bar or Embers to eat at, but not the gawd awful buffet, but definitely not to play there. It is sad the management has taken this course as it is hurting the serving staff at the restaurants and the cocktail servers. Being it is the start of May myself and others have already noticed the HUGE decline in payouts after just one week, looks like it's time to build the Vegas trip coffers again with what I would burn at this place normally.

Sac and Fox Casino
Address: 42008 Westech Road
City: Shawnee
Phone: (405) 275-4700
Player Reviews: 1
From Nancy: I have found their motto to be true - Better Games - Bigger Payouts. However it was New Year's Eve. I often wonder if our luck was just due to it being the last night of the year. Maybe they had really good profits over the year and decided to give a little back.
Choctaw Casino
Address: 895 North Highway 69
City: Stringtown
Phone: (580) 346-7862
Player Reviews: 1
From Douglas: Very good casino. Staff is helpful and friendly. Services are readily available, when crowded it is not difficult to get to the machine/table/area you want to go due to layout. Do need to keep players club booth open either longer or 24/7.
Cherokee Casino
Address: 16489 Highway 62
City: Tahlequah
Phone: (918) 207-3600
Player Reviews: 0
Keetoowah Casino
Address: 2450 South Muskogee
City: Tahlequah
Phone: (918) 456-6131
Player Reviews: 0
Creek Nation Casino
Address: 1616 East 81st Street
City: Tulsa
Phone: (918) 299-8518
Player Reviews: 0
Feather Warrior Casino
Address: 1407 South Clarence Nash
City: Watonga
Phone: (580) 623-7333
Player Reviews: 1
From Nancy: Very dirty place and most of the machines malfunction. I spent more time waiting on a tech than I spent playing. I do NOT recommend.
Lucky Turtle Casino
Address: 64499 East Highway 60
City: Wyandotte
Phone: (918) 678-3767
Player Reviews: 0

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