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Various Video Slots

Slot Machine Variations

 While you may walk into a casino or enter the portals of your online casino where you are vying away at and find that there are many different slots that you don’t know which ones to choose from. This is because slots have different variations some that are standard and others that have multiple pay lines, etc… and the key is knowing what these slots variations are to make you a better player and bigger winner.

It is video slots that have become some of the biggest crowd drawers in the casino world, but where people are getting all of their practice is in online casinos with the free slots.

Online casinos offer gamers the chance to brush up on their skills and practice in order to prepare for the “real virtual world” out there engaged in the slots sensation. You know that these games are free games because one you don’t have to pay to play them, but also because they are usually labelled something like, demo, fun and practice games.

Free slots are something you don’t want to miss out on even if you feel you are an experienced gamer. You can keep your pay roll while at the same time learning to strategize on those sassy slots.

What you as a not so ardent slots contender may be familiar with are traditional slots, which have been around for nearly 200 years. These slots more than likely have three reels with only one pay line, but you can play one or multiple coins to increase your winnings. Some of the most popular traditional slots online include Pharaoh’s Fortune, Cash, Splash, Diamond 7s and Wow Pot.

If you’re wanting to a take a swim into the deep end then try out the Five Reel Slots, which have tow extra reels on them than the traditional slots. With an extra reel you’ll be entering into a wild world. In these types of slots of fun you can play on the Treasure Nile and Genie’s Gems, to name a few.

With multi-line games you have options. You can either play in traditional style or with multiple reels as many as up 15 lines. Some of the most commonly played multi-line games are video machines because of the various combinations that they form. Multi-line games are able to cross in different ways. If you’re unsure what these games are, check out Flower Power, Fruit Fiesta and Treasure Nile.

The most common of slot machine games reeling in the gamers are progressive machines. This is because these machines totals accumulate with every spin until you hit that jingling jackpot. Eventually one person will be lucky enough to win some great amount only fulfilling their wildest dreams.

And last but not least there is of course those bonus machines that will help you add the icing to the cake in your casino extravaganza of play. Bonus machines are actual machines that enable people can play in order to double your winnings multiple times.

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