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Slots Terminology

 So, if you’ve decided that you are going to become an avid slots player then obviously you’re going to want to know the basics of the game such as slots terminology.

So, let’s begin. If you happen to get a bonus then you know that you’ve reached a special feature in the slots game because you’ve managed to handle a winning combination. When you happen to land a bonus then you are able to choose from a number of credits that you may have earned, this usually will allow you to have additional spins depending on the total amount won at slots.

Did you ever come to think that there was something called a candle on this playing machine? Well, the candle in reference to slots is that flashing light on top of the machine calling out to the world that you’ve won and deserve a hand pay or it could mean that there is a technical problem.

The carousel on the other hand refers to the various groupings of slots that can be found throughout the casinos.

Sure you’ve heard about a bar hopper, but what about a coin hopper? These are the containers where all the clinging sounds of change drops when you’re playing the slots into the large tray at the bottom of the slots. With it you can take the “drop bucket” usually stacked on the side or placed on top of the machine for you to put all of your hard earned cash into.

The credit meter is that beautiful display (only when you’re winning of course) that show you how many credits you’ve managed to rack up totalling to how much money you’ve already made.

When something is referred to as the EGM it is just short for “electronic gaming machine.”

Some waiting for that hand pay with slots play means that the actual slot or casino attendant would need to approach the player who won the maximum amount written across the front of the machine.

A Hopper flip however is the document records the coins in the coin hoppers after the slots have paid out.

There are also low level and slant top slots, which involve providing a stool to the gamers who don’t have to end up standing in their slots extravaganza.

People also have the optimal play, which is a percentage playback the gambler earned from the skill he has gained while playing slots.

A pay line in slots are those line that cross through the machine, which can be horizontal, straight or zigzag that create winning combinations. In some video slots you can have up to fifty paylines it just depends on the style of slot machine you’ve decided to play.

A rollup is a way of singing to the tune of the machine as the meter racks up the winnings.

There are many more terms to learn in playing these famed machines, but you can begin with the basics and work you way up as you work your way up winning.

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